Monster Fan Art


Check out this cool Monster fan art by Domian Waters (NotTheHoodlum on deviantart). Here's what Domian had to say about his version of Daily Monster 44"He literally looks like he wants candy so bad so.... me and my sister came up with the name Carl for him."

Here is his version of Daily Monster 57 -- dubbed"Jeff 5 Ties" by Domian's sisrer -- but seen from the front, which is a great drawing exercise! Great work, I say! Thank you, Domian!


Here are my originals for reference:







Happiness Monster by Marina1209

Jenell Novello is an art teacher at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento, California. Her 8th grade students recently used the Daily Monsters to help them make new year's resolutions. I think the results are fantastic! Lots of great Monsters came out! LOTS! I picked a few favorites to repost here only because there were so many! You can see the full gallery at Thank you to all the students for making such great drawings! You can follow Jenell on Twitter at @expNovello


Piano Monster by Angelica2033


Animation Monster by Kristian761


Baking Monster by Alyssa15911


Mindful Monster by Russell1032

Daily Monster Pillow

Good afternoon! Take a look at the amazing Daily Monster pillow I received as a gift at the Sappi event benefiting 826LA last night! This comes courtesy of Linda Lam, who organized my talk At the Art Institute in Orange County last month. Amazing! Thank you, Linda! 

Monster-pillowCheck out the pants and feet in perspective! So clever!

More Monster action coming soon! Thank you for bearing with me while there is less visible activity. Don't doubt for a second that I'm working on new Monsters, or that 344 LOVES YOU



Good afternoon! In case you've been wondering why I've been an absentee blogger once again, this is one of the major reasons: A major update of the Daily Monster® MONSTER MAKER app just went live in the App Store! If you've bought it before, the update is free, of course. Otherwise, I can tell you it's $0.99 well spent! Lots of new fun things in this one, not least of which is a set of special Halloween parts! And look what else it can do! Clearly 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning! I thought I'd share a few of the Monsters people have been creating with the Daily Monster® app. Here's one from Michelle Stephens:


Turns out that there is extra fun in saving your creatures and tricking them out in other apps, like Instagram or Marron. Check out this one by David Pava:


And another one from Michelle:


Is it any wonder that 344 LOVES YOU


   MM-iPhone-iPadGood morning! How are you? Hey, have I got a cool new toy for you today! Check out the brand new Daily Monster® MONSTER MAKER app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch! Make your own Daily Monsters®, and send them to your friends!


Blow the ink with your finger. Add eyes and mouths and arms and pants from the over 150 elements in the PARTS palette--all of which I lovingly made by hand exclusively for this app. Or you can draw your own! 


Pop up a speech bubble and make your monster say something profound.


You can even pose for a photo with your creature and post it to Facebook or Twitter right from inside the app!


99 cents well spent, don't you think? If you have an Apple gizmo, I hope you'll give it a try and post a review!

I have to give a big, huge shout-out to Dominik Wei-Fieg of Ars Subtilior who spent ludicrous amounts of time building and fine-tuning this beauty. On top of that he patiently addressed exactly 222 e-mails from me in a five month period. I couldn't have done this without him. (At all! I know this. I tried.) Check out his other apps.

A great big Thank You also to Bruce, Marian, and Ze for their expert beta-testing and their great ideas, which made the whole thing immeasurably better. And lastly, many thanks to Linda for the beautiful demo photos!

OK! Please... get the app! Let a million monsters bloom! I hope you have a ball!

Even in the multi-touch display world 344 LOVES YOU


First there were Katti, Zelda, and Jan. Now Vicky and Melissa & Roulé have dressed the World Cup Monster in the colors of Uruguay and South Africa, respectively, vuvuzela and all. Check it out, then make your own! You can download a letter-sized PDF version here, fill in your team colors, and e-mail the result back to me. Make sure your team is represented!

Zzzestadio_uruguay Bafana-Bafana!

And let's not forget this cool (non-soccer) bonus monster by Ivy! Check out those amazing eyes, and the rocket-powered footwear! Nice work right there!