Good afternoon. You know, while I've been working towards the new Daily Monster season starting tomorrow morning, the World's Tallest Monster has been quietly growing in the background. Well, today I received an excellent new segment that makes it so that I just have to direct your attention to. It's just way, way cool! Here's a little closeup:


What makes it even better is the artist's name: Timothy Robotham. Man... I wish I had a robot in my name, don't you? Thank you to everybody who has been growing the Tallest Monster. I know that I've been remiss in featuring it more prominently, but it's a lot of fun to see it expand and expand. It's no wonder that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. I just posted a great batch of new segments to the World's Tallest Monster. Please check it out! More excellent Open Source Monsters are coming soon, and a new Weekly Monster is uploading right now. It's another special edition, saluting Russell Davies' INTERESTING 2007 Conference that's happening in London today. As soon as the clip gets approved by Revver, it's going up on the site. Until then, I hope you'll have an excellent weekend! Sporadic entries notwithstanding 344 LOVES YOU


One more thing: The World's Tallest Monster just keeps growing. Take a look at two excellent new segments from Mike Pisino at One of these may well be his magnum opus. Ambitious stuff! I love it! If you hae a few minutes to spare, please get in on the action. The creature's getting pretty tall alright, but I don't think it's the world's tallest monster quite yet and it needs your help! You can be the creature's Human Growth Hormone! You know.. the good kind! Tall or short, you know that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. Every day, more Open Source Monsters are coming in!
You guys are just so cool! Here are some fierce new creatures
courtesy of Yi Shun Lai, Ashley Brooks and Aidan Mahoney:


(Nice work, Ashley! We haven't had a good squid monster in a while!) As you can see, you don't necessarily have to do this week's blot. If one of the past shapes sparks something with you, make a monster and send it in. All is fair in love and monster making!

Speaking of which, check out some cool new segments
of the World's Tallest Monster!

I'm off to bed for a little while!
I hope you'll have a lovely Thursday!
Please remember that 344 LOVES YOU