An Online Skillshare Class by Stefan G. Bucher
Hi there! If you're feeling so inclined, I hope you'll check out my new class on Skillshare! (It's free to enroll!) I'll show you how to make Monsters in my style, and give you ideas for starting your own drawing series. I think it's pretty fun in a zen way! Could be a great thing to do with friends or with your kids this Haloween! I hope you'll check it out!

The LINK TV Monster

Hi there! Hey, if you're a TV watching person, please set your DVR for the TV premiere of my "Creative Inspirations" documentary this Wednesday, June 25th at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific on LINK TV, or on KCET if you're in the Los Angeles area. I made a new Monster to commemorate the occasion:


On DirecTV it's Channel 375, on Dish it's 9410, and if you're a cable customer, check out this map: It's a fun hour of Monsters and graphic design and all kinds of nerdiness. If you decide to check it out, I hope you'll enjoy it!



The good people at the Art Directors Club have created a very cool retro side-scroller video game to promote the next round of their annual Young Guns competition. The theme is "Creativity Never Dies" so each time your character dies in the game, the whole thing restarts with new graphics. As part of the Young Guns family I got to contribute one of the 48 different looks. You can check it out on the Re-Animation mini site. Check it out! It's super fun to see the different graphic ideas, and even the jump sounds change with each life! Of course, I already have the Monster Maker app, but boy... I'd love to have a full-on Monster video game! One day, one day... For now, don't let the long silence fool you: 344 LOVES YOU



Hello there! I'm startled to realize that I did a whole Halloween countdown here on the blog, and then failed to deliver the intended finale -- the big-ass animated Daily Monster mural I painted for the Halloween party at the Art Directors Club in New York! My apologies. Let me fix that right now. (The beautiful clip below was  shot by ADC Film Creative Director Conor Shillen.) I hope you'll enjoy it!