Good morning. Just a quick Hello from me today. I have 12 days to finish my new book, make revisions, and send it to the printer for an August release. Among many other things the book will feature three new custom alphabets I'm furiously drawing up just for this. I thought you'd enjoy a look at the process. Take it as yet another sign that 344 LOVES YOU


The initial pencil sketches:


Stage 2 -- The Inkening:




Good afternoon!
As some of you may already know from other sources, I've written and illustrated a new book, published by the good people at Knock Knock. I've been meaning to tell you about it for weeks, and somehow the days just keep getting away from me. But now we've had the official launch party at Skylight Books, and it's getting more and more embarrassing that I haven't tolfd you about any of it here on the site.

So, will I tell you all about the book right now? No. (It's another one of those days.) But I will post pictures, and I will quote Alissa Walker's excellent piece on the book over at GOOD Magazine.

Have you endured up to six months of involuntary abstinence while in a committed relationship? Bravely placed your toothbrush into the caddy of another? Designer Stefan G. Bucher thinks that you should get a medal for that. No, seriously, he has designed you a medal. Bucher's new book You Deserve a Medal: Honors on the Path to True Love (Knock Knock, $16) includes 40 medals that acknowledge the unique feats of strength required for modern relationships, from sending a poetic love letter via text message to inducting a successful (yet dignified) pet name.

Bucher, who recently entertained us with his Daily Monster project and his products for 826 LA's Time Travel Mart, uses his sharp pen and even sharper wit to transform even the most banal aspects of courtship into a worthy moment for commemoration. The book even includes a "love medals glossary" in which Bucher painstakingly explains the iconography behind the insignia, as well as criteria for earning the medals as decreed by fictional entities like the Council of Romantic Decorations. It's hilarious, sometimes heartbreakingly funny commentary on modern love.

And it's not just the book! There are three actual medals, too! Steven Heller wrote about those on The Daily Heller! Once again I quote:

Bucher has also produced some of the medals in their own ceremonial boxes. They can be worn proudly on formal wear, business attire, or pajamas, for those so depressed they cannot get out of bed.

Now, what was I saying? Oh yes! Photos! Here we go...



02-YDM-open-page-heartbreak 03-YDM-open-page-online 04-YDM-detail-online 05-YDM-detail-plural-pronoun L1000684-medal-gallantry-01 L1000684-medal-caveman-01-620px



And, of course, my favorite part of any book, the headband:


And let's not forget the actual medals:

L1000711-heartbreak-in-box-crop L1000664-ribbon-heartbreak L1000665-medal-heartbreak-01 L1000667-medal-heartbreak

Lastly, how about me and the Knock Knock team being our most animated selves at the launch party?


You can see all the party pics at this link here. (And no, they won't all give you seizures. I just couldn't resist this one.)

Sorry it's taken me so long to put this up on the blog for you. I hope you'll check out the book and the medals -- at a quality gift store near you, at Skylight Books, at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, or on Amazon -- and that you'll like what you'll see. For now, I hope you're having a great week, and that you're aware that 344 LOVES YOU


Happy New Year! I hope you entered 2011 in good health and high spirits! This is just a quick Hello, and a look at the progress of Book No.5, which will be out in late summer. Once all the pages here have a pink frame, I start getting out my pens. Then it's on to scanning and coloring. Lots yet to do, but it's taking shape!


Of course, Book No.4 will be out in early March. What can I tell you about either of these books? Nothing just yet, really. I'm so sorry. (Didn't you see the title of this post? :^)

I do hope you'll enjoy 'em both when you do see 'em! They're both totally different from each other in content, and almost identical in physical size. One may have a Monster on the back cover. We'll see.

I just wanted you to know that I'm not sitting idle,
and remind you that 344 LOVES YOU




Hello! You know how I keep going on about Monsters I can't show you yet? Monsters that are keeping me so busy that I'm not updating the blog enough? Well, here at last are some of them!

Please meet 12 BIGGER MONSTERS, a limited edition portfolio of a dozen larger than usual Daily Monster® drawings. I created these Monsters especially and exclusively for this portfolio. After hundreds of letter-sized characters I thought it would be nice to go a bit bigger. Dramatic scale! Fine detail! The works!

It’s taken me 16 months to select the 12 Monsters that comprise this collection. In that time I made tons of large drawings. Many of them were nice, but didn’t quite measure up. I wanted every one of these Monsters to be great, and I wanted them to come in the fanciest possible containment unit. No expense was spared. Please take a look:

Edition Size: 100 signed and numbered copies
Print Size: 12 x 16 inches (30.5 x 40.6 cm)
Printing: 4-color digital offset printing with a double-hit of black
Paper: Mohawk Options Smooth Digital 80 lb. Cover (216 gsm)
Each print is embossed with a 0.344 in. (0.87 cm) diameter 344 seal.

Portfolio Case: Custom-made 12.5 x 16.5 in. (31.8 x 41.9 cm) case covered in iridescent silk that changes color from tan to bright pink depending on viewing angle. The case has hardcover flaps, a hidden magnetic closure, and a custom Daily Monster liner. The cover of each case is blind-debossed with the number 12 in a 5.25 inch diameter circle.

Shipping: Each portfolio is protected by a clear, resealable Mylar bag, and ships inside a bubble-lined polybag envelope, which is packed in a snug corrugated cardboard mailer. Each portfolio ships with a pair of archival gloves of nylon or cotton, so you can handle the prints without risk of unsightly fingerprints.

Total Weight: 2 lb 8 oz (1.13 kg)

Please note that these prints are 12 x 16 inches in size, which means they fit into standard picture frames, so you can put these Monsters on your wall without breaking the bank. (Alternatively, you can put one
Monster each on the walls of twelve of your friends this Holiday Season.)

If you’d like to place an order, you can do so by clicking the PayPal button. I’ll ship the portfolio to you via U.S. Priority Mail. If you’d like shipping via FedEx, please contact me so I can get a shipping rate for you. Please order before December 1st to guarantee delivery by December 24th.

Please tell me your preferred glove size when you order:


If you'd like to take a closer look at the Bigger Monsters, you'll find them below. You can also see a version of this page on the 344 site that has bigger images of all the creatures. For now, I hope you like the new guys, that you have a stress-free and delicioius Thanksgiving, and that you know: 344 LOVES YOU




Good evening! Remember the thing I posted about the upcoming 826LA event hosted by Judd Apatow? Well, it's really, really coming up now! We're less than 24 hours away, and Typecraft just printed the commemorative poster that will be handed out to the performers and the VIP attendees. Check it out!

We ran an ad in Daily Variety, too:


And lastly, we're having a red carpet entrance at the event tomorrow, but didn't want to go the celebrotastic step-and-repeat route. Instead I revived this idea from the Graphic Eye launch party last year, and made a sign people can hold. I hope we'll get great photos! Here's roughly what I'm hoping for, but with better clothes, and... you know... shoes.


For now, I hope you're having an excellent Halloween week! New Monster action is coming your way soon, but for now I hope you'll take my word for it when I tell you that 344 LOVES YOU




Good afternoon! How are you? What's new? Sheesh, it's been so long between posts again. I apologize. I'm working harder right now than I've ever have, but I'm not allowed to show you any of the results. Yet. Which is frustrating, but temporary. (Lots of new work coming your way soon, in other words!)

Happily, I just did a favor for my friends at 826LA -- owners and proprietors of the Echo Park Time Travel Mart -- that I CAN post for you. It's the announcement for their upcoming fundraiser JUDD APATOW presents I FOUND THIS FUNNY -- An Evening of Music & Comedy to Benefit 826LA, featuring special guest appearances by Lindsey Buckingham, Josh Homme, Garry Shandling, and many more surprise guests!

It's not often that I get to do a piece that unites so many of my personal favorites. And this is just today's version! As the poster says, there are even more surprise guests we'll be adding between now and October 29th! There will also be an extra tricked out print version of this thing once we have all our stars lined up.

But for right now, something NEW from me to you! Finally!
Because you damn well know that 344 LOVES YOU


Good afternoon. As promised, here is another little excursion. As you may know, I'm the designer for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, a division of Dave Eggers' tutoring organization 826LA. They just had their big annual fundraising event, and I pitched in by writing and designing the poster. I can't take credit for the excellent tagline "a tournament of verbal smarts and fraudulence," but exposing Lincoln's hustler past (and his brain)? All me right here. I hope you'll like it. As always you can click on the image for a larger view.


If you don't know about the kind of funny stuff cooked up by the 826ers all over the country, here's a good write-up. Or just check out the dead heat final round of the Bee, featuring the day's top fundraiser, Dianna Agron of "Glee."

Please come back tomorrow for a tiny, tiny out-and-about Monster. For right now, I hope you're having a great day. You know, I'm sure, that 344 LOVES YOU


Good afternoon! Another month has passed and I've been a bad blogger. Once again I have to apologize to you. I'm in the final two weeks of a new book (on dating and relationships) that'll be out in time for Valentine's Day and is going to come with all kinds of fun features, so stay tuned for more on that. But I've also been busy on a few things I CAN show you!

First and foremost, the good people at Creative Review -- specifically writer Eliza Williams and editor Patrick Burgoyne -- made me the featured designer of their current issue. If you're in the UK, please check it out at the newsstand. (And, you know, BUY the thing, too. It ain't a public library!)

As part of the article they asked me to design the cover. Seeing how it's the SUMMER FUN issue, I thought I'd represent California in style and offer up some surfing pop-up Monsters. Check it out in this photo by my generous and excellent friend, product photographer Jason Ware:


The inside cover beach part features three separate encoded messages, two of which lead to more riddles, and then there's an Easter egg, too. CR reader Alex Johns already claimed the prize (a signed copy of the Monster Book), but if you're in a decoding mood, please have at it. You can download a larger version of the beach here.

Another great benefit of the article was that I got to have my portrait taken by the amazing Jill Greenberg! I've been a fan of Jill's work for years, so getting to be her subject was a huge honor and a real thrill. And just the tiniest bit intimidating, too. Not so much because my time slot was sandwiched between two bikini models, but because my emotional range in front of the camera apparently veers from foolish grin straight to deep scowl, with not much in between, especially at 10AM. Needless to say, Jill made me look great anyway:

Please forgive me, but you gotta see it properly.
Jill is amazing, and I love this shot:


Courtesy of CR art director Paul Pensom, the rest
of the article looks pretty damn spiffy, too! Take a look:

CR-spread-photo-02 CR-spread-photo-03

Lots of fine 344 action, as you can see, accompanied by a very generous article about the stuff I do. And if that weren't enough, Patrick and Paul asked me to illustrate the section title for the SUMMER FUN bits, and create five mini-Monsters they could hide on their site. The person who found all of them first and unscrambled the word won a nifty digital camera. Not too shabby, right?

Allow me to show you that type a little bigger:



Also, here are those five little hidden Monsters, together at last.
Click on 'em for a bigger view if you like.


And that's that for the Monsters in the pages of Creative Review. My thanks again to Eliza, Patrick, and Paul for making me look so good in their pages, and for letting me have so much fun making new Monsters for them, and to Jill for making me look so stylishly stern.

Most of all, thank you for sticking with me as I'm creating things for you behind the curtain. I hope you'll like the results when I can show them to you. In the meantime, please check back tomorrow for another little extracurricular Monster action. For right now, I hope this jogged your memory that 344 LOVES YOU



Good afternoon. In a bit of non-Monster news, I just had the honor of redesigning the California license plate for Ken Carbone's excellent Fast Company blog, adding some helpful features in the process, including a working QR code. Craig Minor tricked out Texas with some appropriate bad-assery, my judging-buddy Bart Crosby gave some serious speed to Illinois, and Ken himself glammed up the Empire State in a way that's stylish and tough. Take a look.

Here is the exclusive annotated view of the new California plates. If you'd like to take a closer look, you can download a 2.6MB PDF here.

Surely you realize that 344 LOVES YOU



Good afternoon! No, those aren't just five random words strung together in the title for this post. The lovely people at Design Indaba Magazine asked me to design the cover for their Wonder-Lust issue with an ardent Monster. They also included a very kind (and beautifully designed) article about what I do. If you happen to be in South Africa, or have access to a well-stocked international newsstand, please check it out!

My great thanks to Ravi, Matthew, Nadine, Richard, and Marcel at Design Indaba for letting me play! Needless to say 344 LOVES YOU