HI THERE! One of the Daily Monsters is making a guest appearance on a postcard promoting this year's AIGA Design Conference in New Orleans. This is both delightful to me and not all that surprising. I designed the card, and I'm chairing the conference. (I'll also give a little talk and host a panel on intellectual property matters.) If you're attending the conference, come say Hi! And if you're just in New Orleans around the same time, also come say Hi!




Hi there! As always, I have to apologize for my long absence. I got busy setting up a gallery retrospective of my work from 1985 to 2075. But I also got invited by my friends at Within The Fold to design some T-shirts: One is a typographic exploration called "FTW" and a Daily Monster based one called "Runtime Error." These T-shirts are crowd-funded, so if we get to 10, they'll make them! If you're interested, perhaps you'll order one? Or just enjoy them screenily!

The LINK TV Monster

Hi there! Hey, if you're a TV watching person, please set your DVR for the TV premiere of my "Creative Inspirations" documentary this Wednesday, June 25th at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific on LINK TV, or on KCET if you're in the Los Angeles area. I made a new Monster to commemorate the occasion:


On DirecTV it's Channel 375, on Dish it's 9410, and if you're a cable customer, check out this map: It's a fun hour of Monsters and graphic design and all kinds of nerdiness. If you decide to check it out, I hope you'll enjoy it!


Good morning! My apologies for having been away for so long. Got a music video in the works I think you'll like. Just a little longer until I can show you. But right now, please set your DVR: KCET will air an hour-long documerntary on me and the Monsters on Wednesday, June 25th at 9pm Pacific, and again on Friday the 27th, also at 9pm. Here is their page about the film.

I'm working on a special Monster to promote the film right now. And there are exclusive monsters IN the film, too. I hope you'll check it out. More to come soon! Don't forget: 344 LOVES YOU


Hi there! Would you like to hear me talk about the Yeti for 11 minutes? Yes? Then this is the video for you!

To explain: Every one of's over 280 employees received a yeti as a holiday gift. I was there to introduce them to their new furry roommates. I think may be the second most fun company to work for after 344 Design. And as you know 344 LOVES YOU


Good afternoon! How are you? I'd like to introduce you to a new friend of mine. We met in my sketchbook back in April, and we've been working together ever since. He's friendly, he's furry, and rumor has it that his family lives on the roof of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, making snow. If you'd like to have one of your own, click here.

There's more, but right now I just thought you guys should meet! I get a feeling that he loves you, and you know that 344 LOVES YOU too!

As always, you can click on the images for a bigger view!


As you can see, he's kinda shy, but just scratch his back or under his arms, and he'll be your friend for life. Also, if you meet his fraternal twin, he's a lot more outgoing:


Here they are together:


My friends at Saks have started a catch-and-release program, so look for the tag on the yeti's heel:



Good morning. So, like... you know that thing, when a team of amazing, talented people spends a year making a gorgeous hour-long documentary about you, and then they put it online? Well... that just totally happened to me:

The genius crew, headed by director Scott Erickson and producer David Niles White, followed me to press checks, to my gallery client, to my old college, to the Echo Park Time Travel Mart, to the release party for You Deserve A Medal, and even joined me on my nightly 2am walk to the grocery store. And then they turned around and made an incredible documentary. (This is the same crew that made the beautiful documentary about Doyald, so you know it's excellent stuff.) You can watch the whole thing here.

You know those annoying people who get awards and then say how they're all humbled? Well... I'm truly humbled. What a thing! Thank you so much to everybody at -- Lynda Weinman, Bruce Heavin, Sharon Ludtke, Scott, David, Mia, Loren, Fatima, Fiona, Deb, Andrew, Lucas... no, no, don't start the music yet... Tracy, Tony, Tanya, Michael, Ben and Billy. No question at all that 344 LOVES YOU