Good morning. How are you? Thank you for checking in on the monsters. Today is the finale of the month-long Return of the Daily Monster. To mark the occasion I'm posting not one, but two monsters for you.

But first, the big news of the day: THE BOOK HAS ARRIVED! Yesterday afternoon Amazon changed the status from pre-order to in stock and ready to ship! As a matter of fact, friend of the monsters Joerg M. of Chicago has received his copy, and Inanna's is on the way. If you've pre-ordered, your copies should find you very shortly. And if you've held back on ordering the book, because you're more of an instant gratification kind of person... Now is the time! You'll also be able to find the book at your local bookstore.

If you do see the book at a store and you're carrying your camera phone, please send me a picture, or post it to to the Monster Flickr group. I'd love to see the monsters out in the wild. Even more than that, I'd love to see a photo of you with the book! After all this time it would be great to have some faces to go with all your kind e-mails and brilliant stories. Only if you like, of course. Anonymity is nice, too. I'm just saying...

Thank you for being so patient waiting for the thing to percolate over the months. I hope that you'll see the book and feel that it was worth the wait.

OK. Alright. Yes! Let's get to what's important: Your stories! So much excellent stuff is coming in! You're just blowing my mind. You guys are strange and funny people and I love you for it:


Now, please give a warm Daily Monster Welcome to Monsters 167 and 168:

As we've got two monsters today the first question is: Are they separate, or are they together. And if they are together, what's their relationship? Are they family? Are they a couple? Would they like to be together? Or are they merely posted next to each other by sheer coincidence? They both seem happy to be where they are.

One could hew to ancient advertising jingle wisdom and scoff "Why ask why?" But that kind of question obviates the need for storytelling, so I say Nuts to that! "Why?" is where the action is. And I do know that you live for action. (You do, don't you? :^) If you can sneak a few minutes, I hope you'll let me know what's going on with 167 and 168. Please...


The Daily Monsters will return on April 1st, but do stay tuned in the meantime, please! We'll have lots of cool stuff to look at between now and then. The monster mural will appear here on the blog in the next few days, the monster book launch party happens next Saturday, and I'm sure there'll be even more surprises this month.

Excuse me?
Did you... what's that?
Did I just hear you ask Why?
Because 344 LOVES YOU