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Good morning. How are you? Now that the lovely people at the Very Short List have brazenly mentioned the monsters in the same paragraph as Francisco Goya (!!!) I don't know if the poor little inky beasts can fit through the door anymore, what with their grotesquely swollen heads. Add to that the fact that Natalia Ilyin wrote a very, very kind review of the book for the March issue of Communication Arts that puts Moomintroll into the mix... well, the monsters may inflate to the point of sudden joy explosion. Goodness! (Not that I'm complaining, of course. I didn't say stop! :^)

Besides, the drawings aren't where the action is. The action is in your stories, and there's lots of it. You knocked 'em out of the park again yesterday. Please take a look:


Mind you, Monster 162 appears entirely unfazed by all the happy attention:

In fact, 162 looks a bit bedraggled. Glum. Possibly dazed. Is it because of where it's coming from? Or because of where it's going? Dark rings around the eyes can't be a good sign, can they? Or is it simply that it's Friday? What's going on here? do you care to speculate? I really hope you will! Because I know that it'll be good! If you can, please...


Lastly, if you have a full hour at noon PST, you can catch me chatting with Debbie Millman on her design matters program by clicking here. An archived version of the show will go online shortly thereafter, and I'll post a link to it, but if you catch the live broadcast you can call in with questions.)

It's Friday the 29th of February. We won't see another until 2012.
It's a day out of time. Whatever you eat today... no calories.
I didn't make the rules, I'm just telling you. I hope you'll mark
the occasion with great food and in fine company, safe in the
knowledge that 344 LOVES YOU


P.S. Today is, of course, the final day of February and with that comes the end of my promised month-long return to my monster-a-day rhythm. Next Wednesday I'm off to paint a monster mural in Seward, Nebraska, so there'll be a brief interruption in service. Until then I hope you won't mind that I'll keep posting a few more Daily Monsters for you. We're having so much fun. Why stop until we have to? 163 will be waiting for you right here tomorrow morning.


Good morning. How are you? A special welcome to everybody coming to visit via the Very Short List. I've subscribed to VSL for the past year and found some real gems among their daily recommendations --- cool books, videos, music, and lots of great information graphics --- so I'm very excited (and grateful) that they decided to make the monster book their discovery of the day today. (Hell, yesterday's pick was the new book by Nicholson Baker, one of my favorite authors since The Fermata and The Mezzanine. That's good company!)

If this is, in fact, your first visit to the site, you picked a good day. There are some excellent new creature stories waiting for you right here:


And of course, I've got a new monster for you, too:

I can't help but think that 161 is a bit... unhinged. That's not a sane look, is it? Is this a creature of malfeasance? Or is there a benign explanation for the way he's coming off right here? I know I can count on you to uncover that which does not immediately meet the eye. If you can spare the time, I hope that you'll...


I hope that the week has been treating you well so far
and that you'll be back again tomorrow for Monster 162.
It's not that I'm needy, it's just that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. Hard to believe that we're already into the middle of the week again. Must've happened while I wasn't looking. Must've happened while I was busy reading all the freaky stories you cooked up for yesterday's monster. I haven't seen such a range from funny to dark and gory in a while! Take a look:


Oh! Hang on! I think I hear 160 coming in for a landing:

160 appears to be annoyed --- certainly less than happy. What, do you think, is causing it frustration? Did a louse walk across its liver, as the Germans say? Did it just wake up too early today? Or are there more complex reasons? I'm looking for your analysis, your best guess, or --- failing that --- your wildest of hunches. If you can spare the time, please...


If you've just found the monsters, welcome!
Whether you're new to all this, or one of the monsters'
long-trusted friends, you must know that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. And a special welcome to everybody joining us from BoingBoing today. How are you? I hope things are well on your end. Do you have time to read a little? Because yesterday's stories are not to be missed:


You might also want to give today's monster a look:

This looks to be a very happy, peaceful symbiosis, but I could be wrong, of course. Maybe this is one single creature? And if these are, in fact, two distinct characters, maybe the power distribution between them isn't as it seems? The more I think about it, I feel that there is more to this pair than meets the eye. And I'm sure you know exactly what it is. Will you please take a moment and fill us in? As always, you can...


This is going to be a fun monster week
and I'm happy you're here. Thank you for visiting.
You know, don't you, that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the Oscars last night? They make an appearance in the groovy-glam stories that came in for the weekend monsters 156 and 157. Take a look:



Are you ready to start the week with Monster 158?

What's happening here, do you think? Is 158 flying away from something in horror? Or towards something to cause horror? How big is 158, anyway? Tiny? Gigantic? Is it a fast beast? Or a slow one? If you can spare a few minutes of the day (or you need a good excuse to procrastinate for a little while longer), please...


In other news, the new issue of WIRED hit the newsstands
over the weekend, and look what's on page 74:


Isn't that excellent? A big, big Thanks to Hugh Hart for being a friend to the monsters, and also to the Wired art department for making the monsters look great in this month's playlist, and --- BONUS --- in the table of contents, where Monster 95 is Waylon Smithers adjacent! I'm so excited!


The lead article in this month's issue is on the potential and the realities of the Free Economy. In keeping with that theme, they're giving away free copies of this issue to the first 10,000 comers at this link. So order one for yourself, or have them send one to a friend. (I looked through the rules and regulations and it's not a subscription thing. Provided that you live in the U.S. they'll simply send you one free issue -- with monsters in it. :^)

Right now it's time for me to do a little more work and then hit the hay, but whether I'm asleep or awake, you can bet your bottom dollar that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. Thank you for visiting on a Sunday! That's mighty nice of you.
I've got one of my favorite monsters waiting for you today. But first, please
take a look at yesterday's stories. The leisurely pace of a Saturday let flower
some truly fabulous stories:


And now... the Academy Award goes to... Monster 157.
(This is Monster 157's 157th nomination, and first win.)

What's the story with 157? Did he actually win an Oscar? Is he on the run? Is he trying to sneak around where he's not supposed to be? If you can squeeze it in between "Best Supporting Actor" and "Best Original Screenplay" I hope that you'll...


Have a celebutastic night and a lovely Sunday in general.
Please remember that even if the Oscars may have snubbed you
again this year, 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. Thank you very much for checking in on the monsters on a weekend. I really appreciate it. You're in for a treat with yesterday's excellent stories. Take a look:


Now please say Hello to Monster 156.
He's one of the happier creatures
I've seen come through the turnstile:

What's going on with him? Are those shoes actually shoes? Did he swallow a hunting rifle? And what is he so excited about in the first place? If you're willing to sacrifice a little slice of your Saturday, I'd love it if you'd...


I hope that you'll have a warm, cozy, dry, and healthy weekend.
Please join me again tomorrow for Monster 157.
Until then, please remember that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. Happy Friday! I hope you made it through the week in one piece. Sometimes things just move so fast. But I take great comfort in the fact that so many of you are taking a break to write truly excellent monster stories. To wit:


Monster 155 has a fairly big secret:

It's clear what's going on here. Or is it? It's the Monsters, so maybe what seems obvious actually has a far stranger explanation. What do you think the story is with these two? I hope you'll...


Today was supposed to be an early night
on account of an early press check,
but so it goes. Too much to do. Too much to do.
But never too much to tell you that 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning. How are you? I went to see the new Ed Fella / Geoff McFetridge exhibit "Two LInes Align" at Redcat tonight. It's a great show, and a rare chance to see Ed's amazing sketchbooks up close and personal. If you're in the L.A. area, definitely check it out. Here is the information.

Yesterday brought a bumper crop of great new stories.
It's so cool to see you guys in action:


I can already hear Monster 154 in the green room:

Is 154 a working stiff, or a wealthy gaddabout? Only a very close look at the pattern of his tie and the fabric of his clothes would tell. He certainly seems upbeat. Genuinely so? Or with a slightly deranged edge? What do you think? Also, does he wear his red shoes to dance the blues? What's his story? I know you know, and I hope you'll share. If you can make the time, please...


I do hope you know that 344 LOVES YOU


344 also loves its mom. Whose 60th birthday was yesterday.
I made a little monster kick line for her. Happy Birthday, Mom!




Good evening. Monster 154 will make its entrance in a few hours, but I just found out about a cool workshop in New York and thought I'd tell you about it. Three of my favorite designers --- Paul Sahre, James Victore and Jan Wilker --- are leading a one week workshop at the NY Art Directors Club in July. They put up a cool website about it here. They're putting the cap at 40 students and they expect to have people from all over attending. I did a workshop like this with Tomato back in the summer of 2001, and it was one of the best weeks of my life. If you're a design student or a pro at a crossroads, this could be a really cool experience. Check it out.