ALL ACCESS (Chinese Edition Sighting)


Good morning. I just got back from my trip to Minneapolis. I had an excellent time meeting all the designers that came to my little presentation at Target. Target has a corporate dress code, and I have to say it works for me! This was far and away the most stylish audience I've ever had the chance to address. As much as I love Los Angeles, I will always prefer a crisp tie/sweater combination over an untucked shirt, and a pair of sleek boots over the ever-present, ever-dreadful flip-flops of my chosen home. (Mind you, it was also pretty damn cold in Minneapolis, so there are some obvious pros and cons.) Look... all I'm saying is, I had a great trip, and the designers at Target are one good-looking bunch.

I failed to take any pictures while I was on the ground, but I got a few nice wing shots for my collection. I thought I'd share my favorites. I also took a few minutes of film of the landing and taxiing at LAX. I love the little tractor that zooms alongside the plane for a while. On the original file you can actually hear that the camera picked up the music from my headphones. Which makes me think that I must've had it on at a pretty obnoxious level. Somebody I used to know a long time ago told me that there's always one asshole on the boat. "If you look around and you can't find the asshole, then you're it." And so it is. If you were sitting next to me on the plane --- 09-E, 08-F, 10-F --- I really apologize. I had no idea. And still 344 LOVES YOU

You can click on the images for a bigger view. These plane shots make nice desktop pictures