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Good morning. How are you doing? Is the week treating you politely? I've been working away at the final book revisions. As you know, I'm hand-lettering all the pull quotes, which makes for a crampy right hand, and a growing callus on my middle finger. (I do it gladly in the pursuit of beauty, of course. :^) My publisher also asked that I redesign the layout of a few of the pages. Too much small type on too long a measure. They're not wrong, so I'll have to tackle it. (Dammit. :^)

Here is a close-up view of the first few pages of lettering:


This week's Monster is a simple creature---simple in the way it came out. Sometimes they just appear almost fully formed and need nothing more from me than a beak, a belly, and some tail feathers. But I'm sure that 115 has a rich inner life and a busy schedule. I'm counting on you to help me illuminate both. I can't wait to hear what you have to tell me:


You may remember that Monster 113 was a special Birthday Creature for Doyald Young. Many of you left birthday greetings for Doyald, and he just sent me this image by way of Thanks. Click on the image to download the PDF.


Two weeks from now I'm going to give a talk about the Monsters at the AIGA Conference in Denver as part of Steven Heller's Works in Progress: What We’re Working on Next session. I'm on at 11am on Friday, so if you're attending the conference, please come and say Hello. I'll only be at the event for my session and to host one of the Adobe Roundtables right afterwards, but even I have to make this one a hit-and-run, I still have some fun things planned for you. Why? Come on... you know why! Because 344 LOVES YOU


Good morning! With the week already in its second half again, I'm overdue to give you a new Open Source Ink Blot. And of course, I get to show you the great new Open Source Monsters you sent in. You came up with some really brilliant stuff again this week. New people played, and some of the regular cast went for new approaches and effects! It's really exciting to watch. (I hope you'll think so, too.)

If you haven't tried your hand at making a monster of your own, maybe this is the week for you. Here's how it works: Download OPEN SOURCE INK BLOT 20, print it out, and have at it in any way you like: Draw, paint, origami, film, sculpt, write a screenplay about it. Just scan, photograph, or otherwise document the result and send it my way at and I'll put the result on the blog right here. If you can, please make your file 480 pixels wide. If you can't, don't worry about it.
I'll resize it for you.

For now, I hope you'll enjoy this week's monster gallery, and that you'll have a great and exciting day. Why? Because 344 LOVES YOU


I caught up on a few monsters, too. I hope you'll like them.



Good morning. How are you? I hope the week has been good to you so far. I've got all kinds of cool Open Source Monsters waiting in the cue for you, and some choice Tallest Monster segments, too. But that will have to wait for a little bit longer. Right now, I am happy to give you a brand new Weekly Monster:

As you can see, this one didn't want to come right out. It took a bit of coaxing, and tried to throw me with some fake-outs. But in the end the little fiend revealed himself after all. What do you think his story is? I can't wait to read your thoughts and comments! Why? Because 344 LOVES YOU


WEEKLY MONSTER 113 (for Doyald)

Good morning! How are you? First off, today is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, so Happy 5768! (I really like the Jewish calendar. I wish it was 5768 on the Gregorian calendar, too. I'm sure I wouldn't have a problem booking passage on a space ship in 5768... Sigh... Of course, I'd be 3795 years old... but I don't drink, I don't smoke, I exercise, and I eat right. Surely my skin would still look good, no?)

I have to apologize for being a bad blogger, by the way. It's been almost a week since my last post. After the first draft of the book was done, a whole bunch of non-monster work came crashing in on me.

That, and I put together a little video message from me to you that will be in the extras section of the monster DVD---featuring seven minutes of me jabbering away and drawing a brand new DVD-only monster---with all different angles of the desk and close-ups and cutaways and everything. So you see, I was still working for you, just in a way that won't be visible until February.

I also took Friday and Sunday night off, which was really, really nice. I went to see the glorious return of one of my all-time favorite bands---Underworld---at the Hollywood Bowl. If you get a chance to see them on their current tour, I definitely recommend it! It was staggering!

Now, on to today's business: I have a new Weekly Monster for you. Number 113 is dedicated to my brilliant and altogether wonderful friend Doyald Young, who is 81 today. Doyald is an amazing font and letterform designer, who also happens to make gorgeous books. If you're not familiar with his work, please check out his website, listen to his Design Matters interview with Debbie Millman, or read this interview I did with him in the pages of STEP about a year ago. He's led a pretty amazing life so far, and he's my hero. If I make it to the year 2054 in one piece, and if by then I'm half as cool as Doyald is today, I'll have done something right. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOYALD! I hope you have an amazing New Year!

So, this is obviously a task specific monster, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a story. Lots of interesting characters have day jobs that hide fascinating after hours activity. What do you think 113 does after a good day's work? I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the matter:


Oh... and did I mention? 344 LOVES YOU


Good evening. It's high, high time that I give you a new Open Source Ink Blot to play with. Please forgive me for not doing it sooner. Here, without delay is Ink Blot No.19 for your monster making pleasure. If you haven't made a monster before, this might be your week. Let me tell you how it works:

Download OPEN SOURCE INK BLOT 19, print it out, and have at it in any way you like: Draw, paint, origami, film, sculpt, write a screenplay about it. Just scan, photograph, or otherwise document the result and send it my way at and I'll put the result on the blog right here. If you can, please make your file 480 pixels wide. If you can't, don't worry about it.
I'll resize it for you.

I'm excited to see what you'll come up with! In the meantime, here are two more excellent drawings from the last round to inspire you.

By the way, do I have to say it, or do you already know, that 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning! I hope all of you here in the U.S. had a lovely Labor Day Weekend. Everybody else: You're not alone. Yesterday was a full work day for me, too.

But it was a good one. Check it out: The design of the Monster Book is complete! The last few pages took a lot longer than I thought, but they're now full of fun little goodies and surprises for you. I had to make sure that the small type lovers and graph aficionados among you will have something to look forward to, after all. And who would ever want to buy a book without lavishly illustrated end papers?

A big, honking PDF is on its way to my editor, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nips and tucks rather than wholesale edits. When I get my marked up pages in two weeks I still have to hand-letter the pull quotes on each page, but I'll do it gladly. Why? Oh, come on now... don't play coy with me. You know why! Because 344 LOVES YOU