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Good morning. How are you? I hope your week is going at least as well as mine so far. A few weeks ago Danielle Ngo's little cousin Amy commented that she's "sad of the underrepresentation of fish-monsters." Well, as you know, I don't control the monsters. They come as they desire, and any attempt to control them always leads to headaches, sharp carpal tunnel pain and nasty back spasms. But as it happens, I think the monsters sensed Amy's sadness and sent one through to please her. I hope you'll like it, too.

It is a mighty strange monster, as you'll see, and its motives are mysterious to me. But I know that you're going to tell me what the story is. I can't wait to hear what you think 112 is up to!


In the meantime, I'm still working on the Index page of the book. I'm cooking up a few salient statistics for you. They'll be embedded in a special Stat Monster. Why? Because... say it with me now... 344 LOVES YOU


Good evening. I just got back from a quick visit to my local bookstore, and what did I find there but the new issue of LEMON by the brilliant Colin Metcalf and Kevin Grady (with excellent design by Adam Larson). They're the team that brought you GUM. Colin was also a founding member of RESfest.

You can imagine how exciting it was when these über-cool guys offered to produce an entire magazine full of smart features and luscious images for the sole purpose of delivering a brand new monster poster to a newsstand near you. All kidding aside, going through LEMON 3: A CLOCKWORK LEMON and seeing all the amazing stuff in it, I'm downright giddy to have one of the monsters in the mix. I've taken a few snapshots of the thing, so you know what to look for on the magazine rack. It's fair to say that 344 LOVES LEMON, but that takes nothing away from the fact that, first and foremost, 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning. How are you? I hope you had an excellent weekend, and that the new week will bring good things to you. Let's start with a new Open Source Ink Blot, why not? In case you're new to the site, here's how it works:

Download OPEN SOURCE INK BLOT 18, print it out, and have at it in any way you like: Draw, paint, origami, film, sculpt, write a screenplay about it. Just scan, photograph, or otherwise document the result and send it my way at and I'll put the result on the blog right here. If you can, please make your file 480 pixels wide. If you can't, don't worry about it. I'll resize it for you.

You can always draw inspiration from some of these rockin' and rollin' new creatures. As you can see, all styles are welcome, and if you haven't drawn in a while or ever... please don't let it stop you. Monsters don't have to be slick. They can be unruly and ferocious, simple, and direct, or just plain odd. If you got a monster within you, I say "Let it out!"


I still can't get past the sheer variety of monsters that floods in every week. You people are cool people! And you're very kind to give your time to the monsters. Good work! Very good work! It's no wonder that 344 LOVES YOU


Lest I forget: Tonight's book map, which reflects the weekend. I'm getting very close to being done with this round. 4 more spreads, the design for the DVD label, and the back cover... then everything goes to HOW for review for two weeks. After that, I have two weeks to put in their changes and hand-letter all the pull quotes... which seemed like a great idea when I designed the three sample spreads. (I mean... if anybody should know better... :^) But... only the best for the monsters and for you guys!



Good morning. First off, thanks to all of you who posted stories for yesterday's Weekly Monster. You guys are so brilliant! It's always a pleasure to see what you come up with!

Below is tonight's book map. It's amazing how much the pace has slowed down for these final spreads. There's no more grid to follow on these pages. Everything's made from scratch and it takes a long time to do it right. Tonight I tackled the copyright page, wrote a new bio and took a spiffy new author photo in my trusty bathroom mirror.

I've got to tell you how much I love my apartment. I've been here for over 13 years and by now I know how to use every corner for some art production purpose. I use every part of the buffalo: The bathroom is my portrait studio, the alcove by the front door is a great diffuser for product shots, the kitchen is one big shipping center now, with way more Jiffy Paks than dishes... The place has a special magic. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe they built this joint on the ruins of an old artists' colony. Whatever it is, I'm not sure that I could do my work anywhere else. I'm certainly not eager to try.

I definitely know that I couldn't do my work without your excellent energy,
and that's the biggest reason why 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning. First, thank you to everybody who sent birthday greetings for my dad yesterday. You are very kind, and I'll pass them on, of course!

Now... I only did one spread today---the title page, based on the cover, with a bit of new lettering. Not much, I know, but I also did a quick revision on the intro, had a client meeting across town, and made a new Weekly Monster. That one's waiting for approval from Revver. I hope you'll come back later this afternoon to check it out. Until then, you know that 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning. Today is my dad's 61st birthday. For the past 20 years I've drawn him as a Leo for his birthday, and this year is no different. In the beginning there was a treasure trove of hobbies and activities that I could lionize: my dad cycling, reading his favorite news magazine, sitting at his desk, driving his car, walking the dog at work, playing with my GameBoy... but after a while it gets tricky to find new things to draw---especially considering that I only see him once every other year now when my folks come visit me here in California.

But this year the image was clear in my mind. Along with a few of my close friends my dad has spent hours and hours talking with me on the phone these past few months, helping me sort out some difficult things... so this year he's the voice in my ear. Please meet Leo 21:


The book map doesn't look all that different from yesterday, but I cooked up a cool photo for the divider page that leads into the monsters, and I finally wrote a first draft of my introduction. It's all coming together. And you know why, don't you? Because 344 LOVES YOU



Good morning. I hope you're having a great weekend.
I did eight spreads today. Why? Because 344 LOVES YOU

By the way---since the question has come up---the spreads that are circled feature stories by people that didn't send in their release form, so I'll have to cut those stories and redesign the spreads. Which is a bummer. Some of those posts are pretty funny, but the time for release forms has passed. Now it's time to make the book happen. The Monster Book stops for no man.