BOOK NEWS (and 48 new monsters)


Good morning. One of the wonderful things about the Daily Monster Experience has been meeting all of you great writers through your excellent stories on the blog. Many of you have become not just friends of the monsters, but also friends of mine. With one or two exceptions of pre-monster friends contributing tales, I have never met any of you in person. Until this weekend, that is. One of the attendants of Design Ranch was our very own monster author Terry T.

I'm happy to report that Terry isn't just a great writer, but also a thoroughly nice guy. He sat in on two of my workshops and worked overtime to finish his 100 drawings. His chosen theme was 100 Ways To Die. It's a very funny compilation of mortal coil shuffling. At my special request he even included kitten-induced Toxoplasmosis.
(Needles to say, the kitten was fine!)


Rumor has it that Open Source Monster maven Emily Wong may make an appearance at the AIGA/NY Fresh Dialogues event in May! I hope so! I think meeting all of you in odd locales will be fun for years to come! Until then 344 LOVES YOU from afar!