Good morning. I hope you're having a good weekend. It's been an absolutely crazy week of work over here and it ain't stopping, either. But I wanted to make sure I give you a new ink blot for Open Source Monster 06. You can download it right here.

In the meantime, here are three more excellent O.S.Monsters from Round 5.
Really brilliant stuff! Emily leads us off with another beautiful tableaux.
So sad, but so pretty!


Very cool, don't you think? If you were German, you'd think Sam had done an interpretation of the 80s children's TV character "Zini" (TSEE-nee) that served as a bumper between segments on a major German cartoon show. It had a funny, computer distorted voice and zoomed across the screen. Very abstract, but effective. German TV, in other words. Preparing the nextgeneration of Dieters...

Here is a simulation and some background information. I hadn't thought about Zini in easily 15 years. Thank you for jogging my memory, Sam.

Now, three regular monster contributors have pointed out that they would like to add to the World's Tallest Monster, but don't have access to Photoshop or the patience to figure out my directions. Which is a fair point. I keep forgetting that a jaunty 10 hour Photoshop retouching session isn't as much fun for everybody else as it usually is for me.

So here's my idea: I've made an 8.5x11 PDF template for you. As long as you make a monster segment that fits in those dimensions, and can send me a scan of it, I'll resize it here and put your name on it, too. Do you think that will work? If you can think of a way I can make it easier for you to contribute, definitely leave a comment, please! Technology should never come between us! :^)

It's time for me to call it a night! If you're of the egg seeking persuasion, I wish you Good Hunting! (Actually, you might see if there are any Easter eggs hidden in this post.) If it's a regular weekend for you, I still hope it's a good one! Maybe get yourself a non-denominational chocolate bunny. (I know I will.) Above all, do remember, please, that 344 LOVES YOU