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DAILY MONSTER 95 (of 100)

Good morning. Five monsters left to go! Are you still with me? Judging from yesterday's excellent, excellent stories, I'd say the answer is YES. We got an embarrassment of narrative riches from some new voices, from the regular cast, and from a few returning champions. You mustn't miss it:


We also got some new fan art from Mr. Yonatan Spivak. Nice work, Yonatan:


Monster 95 is doing the Monster Shuffle. Monster 95 is also on the run from someone. Or something. What's going on here? Is he on the lam? Perhaps from the security guard at the shoe store? Or from a monster stalker? And what's he mumbling about? All kinds of mystery surround Monster 95. I hope you'll lift the veil and let us in on some of his secrets:


At this point, please let me repeat yesterday's message: As you know, there will be a book about this whole series and you can't get into the book if you don't post a story. So if you haven't joined in the fun, this is your chance.

Due to the nature of old school print media, it'll take a few months to get the book produced right. But I would love to keep you informed about the project in the meantime. I'll post news here at the site, of course, but if you like, please send me a message at monsterbook@344design.com and I'll make sure you're the first to get the book when it becomes available. In fact, if you put yourself on the mailing list, I'll send you a custom monster desktop picture---full color and everything!---by the end of the week.

To those of you who had e-mails bouncing back, please try it again today. My webhost chose yesterday to summarily disable all catch-all inboxes to cut down on spam. So very, very helpful... sigh! But everything's working again now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please enjoy Monster 95 responsibly
and brace yourselves for the final five creatures!
Now more than ever 344 LOVES YOU