Good morning. Thank you for visiting!
And many thanks for all of yesterday's great stories.

We start with Yi Shun, who introduces Monster 38 as a waddling Vegas showgirl with a serious attitude! Nice job, Yi Shun! I can see it! Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon have nothing on this gal!

Sam B. is back in style, reporting on poor Geert who's seeking help for his fear of cracky-eyed pelicanic waterfowl. Once you've read the description of his recurring nightmare, you'll be a little scared of evil pelicans, too. Thank you, Sam. You never let us down!

Schlockading presents Blork the Water Guard with the laser tongue. He also gets extra credit for his explanation of the eyes that shift from the water into the creature's head! Excellent! Great work, sir!

Stephanie scores big with the story of Franklin, who's got some serious trouble with his bionic legs. Franklin's sad tale is a stark reminder that if you're going to litter, at least try throwing out something that might be useful to somebody else who finds it. Thank you for a great laugh, Stephanie. I didn't see the ending coming. Or the beginning. Or the middle. Very well done!

Monster 39 might be an ancestor of Sy Snootles. Then again, 39 is clearly more attractive and of much friendlier disposition. Does it have three legs? Or two legs and a tail? Is it a runner? Or a bouncer? What does it use it's extendable mouth for? Where is it coming from just now? Where is it off to next? Who are it's friends? I know you'll tell me and I like that about you. I hope you're having a great in-between day! 344 LOVES YOU