Good morning and a special Hello to those of you coming over from Wired's Table of Malcontents. (Thanks to John Brownlee for the kind write-up of the Daily Monster. I'm especially happy that he highlights what's really cool about the site: All of you who are posting stories!)

It looks like you enjoyed yesterday's symbionts. You came through once again with a brilliant prism of stories. (I'm hoping that Santa will bring me a new thesaurus, so I can find new ways to praise you every day. My limited perspicacity is no match for your effervescent literary endeavors.)

New contributor Stephanie makes a rockin' and rollin' debut with her dental care tale of cousins Elliot and Maurice. Terry Tolleson returns with an onomatopoetically visceral account of large scale deception and denial, while Mogabog pushes the boundaries once again and presents a most elaborate teaser about escape artist Greenie McGrey in the form of an "Access Hollywood" segment script. Hats off, sir! Another great one!

Sam Berkes, I suspect, is a fellow fan of This American Life Episode 274 and places yesterday's creature on a continuum with Cymothoa Exigua. He calls him Parasitic Phil. Nice one, Sam!

Andrew put together an excellent side show bill. Scott English gets all Cockney on us as he chronicles the thoughts of a small pub crawler that finds shelter in the mouth of a much bigger one.

Kyle posted some excellent inky artwork of his own. Gatorbait says "gym teacher," and Turtle votes for dental care symbiosis.

Last but in no way least, Brooke N brings another gift of poetry. Wonderful, stirring imagery. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you're posting it for us to see.

Today's monster is another happy fella,
and why shouldn't he be with his snappy transmitter. Who do you think he's sending signals to? Is he broadcasting? Or is he involved in one-on-one communications? What is his message? Words? Music? Is he using code? Is he getting a reply? I'm looking forward to your transmissions! Have a great day and don't let the jingling bells distract you from the fact that 344 LOVES YOU