Good morning. and Jó napot! to our friends at szanalmas.hu. Thank you for visiting!

So... WOW! I am absolutely blown away by all your posts for yesterday's monster. New voices are coming on strong, the Magnificent are reaching dizzying heights. This has to be the best collection of stories we've had yet. You are amazing! I'm so happy that you're sharing your fantastic ideas with everybody. It's an absolute honor to have you here. Thank you.

New contributor Terry Tolleson opens the day with his story of amnesia victim turned merciless evil genius Dr. Cornelius Bruchamp. Nice work, Terry. I hope you'll post another story today.

Brooke N is back with a lovely meta-tale. I love the St. Elsewhere twist at the end. (Perhaps I need to uncover one of the mirrors in the house... a small one, maybe... I'm scared!)

First timer Gus scores with his story about Professor Blulu, a social outcast who befriends sentient fungi, before moving up the social ladder to thrash metal stage prop. Good man, Gus! I'm curious to see what you have to say about today's creature!

Andrew, you do us proud with a fine story of a transvestite mathematician. Gödel and Riemann and Size 18 E pumps all in one story. I wouldn't have thought it possible. Thank you for curving narrative space for us.

Sam Berkes weighs in with today's second meta(ish) story and introduces us to The Laboratory of Brackish Water Hydrobiology in St. Petersburg. If ever there was a lab I'd like to work at, this would surely be it. You may not know this, but the BWH lab is renowned in hydrobiology circles as a bit of a party lab. A few years ago a handful of enterprising post-docs converted some of the specimen tanks into Jacuzzis, and you know what they say: Once you go lotic, you never go brack!

As for your comment about Monster #344, Sam... now you're really scaring me! :^D

Scott English strikes with the strangely sensual tale of an Igor-type character, who surgically prepares a submissive model to inspire some sort of mysterious portraitist. Fine work, Scott! I hope you'll keep posting. I like your style.

And then there's Mogabog's entry. Andrew has it right: It's a masterpiece! A new format, a new epic scale, scenes, arc, emotion, pathos. Not to put too fine a point on it, Mogabog, but you've outdone yourself. And I don't think you've hit a peak here, either. You just hit your stride. I can't wait to see what's next from you. Real genius! Thank you!

Early this morning, I also received a surprising image from an inside source at NASA (seriously).
He sighted Number 31 roaming Victoria Crater on Mars. You have to see it to believe it!


After all you've shown me, I can only imagine what you'll see in Monster 32. (And Monster 32b!) What's their relationship? Who's in the driver's seat? How did they end up in this particular situation? is this the end of their day? Or the beginning? Do they know that they're being observed by a roving gang of storytellers? You have no idea how much fun it is to check in on your stories every night! Thank you for giving so freely of your time and creativity! There is a reason why 344 LOVES YOU