Tech note: Please excuse the delayed arrival of Monster 28. For reasons unknown to me, Revver took over 10 hours to approve this clip. (I uploaded the file shortly after midnight.) My apologies for the wait. Thank you for hanging in there. The upside is that you'll now have to wait a mere 12 hours for Monster 29.

Good morning. Today's special welcome goes out to a lot of new friends at Tenso!!!, Meneame, Turbobricks, eBaum's World, Kismet, and Floosh. The Monsters have also made their way to Holland at Biber.nl (Goedendag!) and to Japan at Hiroburo and 269g (Maido ookini!). Last, but not least, welcome to everybody who caught a glimpse on the monsters on Thursday's ABC 15 afternoon newscast in Phoenix, Arizona. Hiya everybody! Thank you for coming to visit. I hope you'll enjoy the monsters!

Before I start the review of the amazing stories you posted about yesterday's monster, let me send out a very special Thank You to Amelia (9) and Ella (5), who had their dad Jim send in two Monsters of their own. Aren't they beautiful? You did a great job, you two! Thank you very much for letting everybody take a look at your creatures!


Ella's Monster is on the left. Amelia's is on the right.

Now, on to yesterday's posts. I was secretly worried that Number 27 might have been too grim, but he sure got you thinking up some excellent stories. The newly expanded Magnificent Four did not disappoint. Simon weaves the tale of Chuck LeMans, a "word placer" with echoes of Zelig. Mogabog truly lifts off to another level with an interstellar sci-fi epic that links up with Simon's Fada Cripness story from Monster 19. Somewhere out there, a quantum echo of Douglas Adams is smiling. Sam Berkes agrees with Mogabog that this creature enjoys the consumption of spirits, though in a vastly different environment. An interesting convergence. It's always great to see the melding of minds.

Rose shows us why she is now one of the Magnificent with The Ballad of Little Timmy DeeDee. It's---dare I say it---Kafkaesque! But with a twist: It's THE METAMORPHOSIS II--- Gregor Samsa is back... and he's pissed! Fine work, Rose!

The Respected Taxonomist Kukuttan returns with Taxonomy #2 and scores another winner: She claims that Monster 27 is, in fact, a secret military plane designed by Henry Ford. You have to read it to believe it. Sadly, after whetting our appetites with two brilliant entries, she is announcing a vacation to the Carolinas. What a cruel tease, but I'm looking forward to hearing more upon your return. Safe travels, Kukuttan.

Resident Monster DJ Laura left us without a song selection yesterday, but Brooke N's stunning poetic entry provides a lyrical finale that departs, but somehow weaves all other tales into one and leaves me flushed with delight. Very, very nicely done, Brooke! (I sense another expansion of the Magnificent on the horizon.)

Onwards to Monster 29. Pesky thing. Bzz. Bzzz. Bzzzz. Coming after us on a Saturday! The nerve! What does it want? Why can't it sit still? Where is it going? Why does it loop-de-loop? (Which got cut off on the feed, but you can see it in this Quicktime download.) Is it teeny-tiny? Or the size of an offshore oil rig? Is it trying to be annoying? Or is it on a mission? I know that a theory is already forming in your head. Let me hear it! I can't wait to read your thoughts! You better believe that 344 LOVES YOU