Good morning, Happy Friday, and welcome to everyone tuning in from The 9 on Yahoo and Cartoon Brew, who included the Daily Monsters despite the absence of real animation. (Doesn't it just figure that today's creature doesn't move? I promise to have another animated ending before the week is out, though!)

Yesterday's Monster brought forth another great swell of beautiful stories. Long time viewer/first time caller Mono (aka Kyande) sees Number 26 as the first monster computer technician. Seems right on to me, Kyande. With skinny hands and arms like that, you could easily reach into all those hidden circuit boards and expansion slots. Thank you for mustering the courage to contribute. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you from now on.

Once again, the Magnificent Three turn out in force: I love Mogabogs Excursion into Deep Meta, dubbing 26 a Literary Scrambler. I had no idea, but it makes perfect sense to me! Very nice work!

Sam B. hits us with some excellent poetry of Ollie the Tadpole, who fashioned himself some makeshift appendages and brightened his mood in the process.

And once again we turn to Simon for the Epic: He gives us Oznob Galosha, the generous spirit who unwittingly starts the careers of J.D. Salinger, Elton John, and Tiger Woods. Simon, you're a genius and this is one of my favorites among your pieces so far. Very, very nice! (One question, though: Does Oznob listen to Nileppez Del? No, says Resident Monster DJ Laura, he listens to Something To Talk About by Badly Drawn Boy. Right on, Laura.)

New Hero Rose returns today with rhymes of Q-Ball Sally, who was stripped of everything, but still made do. I was both moved and a little giggly. Good job, Rose! Simon, Sam, and Mogabog---We're expanding the Magnificent Three to the Magnificent Four. Rose--You're Magnificent, too!

And suddenly, from nowhere, leaps The Respected Taxonomist Kukuttan, with a stunning analysis of the Hairylegged Bingbangbong! Kukuttan doesn't ease into it. Kukuttan comes in with guns blazing. You've got to check it out. I am floored. I sense that today's monster may give you fodder for an in-depth taxonomy. I can't wait.

The last word on Number 26, however, belongs to new contributor Julia, whose entry I will replay here in its entirety: Number twenty six / A sperm so glad to be free / 344 loves you.

Now on to Number 27---a creature of the air? Or of the sea? Surf or turf? Alive or extinct? Grim? Or merely misunderstood? Is it lactose tolerant? Does 27 have any connection to earlier Daily Monsters? I know you know the answers and I hope you'll share them with us. At this point it must be almost embarrassingly obvious that 344 LOVES YOU