Good morning. And Bon Giorno to everybody visiting from Giavasan, who describe this site as follows: Stefan G. Bucher capovolge il test di Rorschach e trasforma ogni giorno, nel giro di pochi tratti, una macchia di inchiostro in un mostro. Doesn't that just sound very sexy? Thank you for the passionate link!

Let's talk about yesterday's monster: The Magnificent Three all weighed in with great new stories: Simon tells another tale of isolation and grim ends, Mogabog reports of a photographer's layover in Iceland that leads him to come face to face with some trusting walruses, while Sam Berkes' entry of the almost eaten barber is clearly a great, lost silent movie comedy script. Well played, gentlemen.

But there was much else to delight in. Some exciting new voices stepped up for their solo: Sus, a recent new friend of the 344 Empire, posted the first story of the day, pegging Monster 25 as the whale that had swallowed Pinocchio. Rose introduces us to Zeebles, the Parrot Life Left Behind, while Sara wants us to meet Gerald, the spiked hypno-frog, whom she correctly identifies as a cousin of the Hypno Toad. (All Glory to the Hypno Toad!)

Finally, Brooke N posts the story of Argus Basilicua, who redeems his life of wasted potential by finally investing in 344 Design stock and striking it rich. Brooke, I want you to know that this kind of shameless pandering to your host... well, it certainly works and is always appreciated. Who does Monster 25 listen to? Laura says that it's Death Cab For Cutie, and who would argue? Monster 25 was standing on the surface of a perforated sphere when the water filled every hole, and thousands upon thousands made an ocean, making islands where no island should go.

Simon, Sam and Mogabog are getting a run for their money from the new Monsterista. Excellent! I hope you'll all weigh in once again on Number 26.

So... what then of 26? Is its bad posture congenital? Or just teenage slackerism? A general lack of enthusiasm? Or the product of a rare gravitational instability that makes a straight back unsustainable? What of its feet? Or lack thereof? Are they pincers? Or are the feet just too small to see? Perhaps the creature has perfect size 10 feet, but is 800 feet tall? What's the story?

Today is December 14th, 2006. I graduated from college exactly 10 years ago. What a strange sensation. It feels like it was so long ago, but is only a few moments gone. Oh well... time is for the exceedingly linear. Some things are constant: 344 LOVES YOU