Tech note: There is something that's not working with me and YouTube right now, so I switched to Revver for tonight. I'm sorry for the ad at the end of the clip. Revver adds it automatically. I will swap in the YouTube feed as soon as I can get the thing to work. In the meantime, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Good morning! and Herzlich Willkommen! to everybody checking in from spiegel.de and ehrensenf.de. Looks like the Monsters are getting some serious love from the Old Country. Check out the cool little video report they did on the Monsters. You can see the whole thing online or you can download the edited highlight (mp4 / 6.6MB). Either way, it's very cool! Vielen Dank!

I hope you'll like the new Monster. Number 20 is a much happier creature than Number 19, who got two very cool backstories from Simon and from Andrew. What's today's story? What's the deal with the big belly and the hidden legs? What about the frock? And the tongue?! There is mystery in the air! I can't wait to see what you guys think about old 20 here. Thank you for checking in again today. I hope you make it through the day in one piece and that you have a brilliant weekend ahead! Why? Because 344 LOVES YOU

P.S.: Speaking of the Old Country, the town I grew up in now has a webcam trained on its town square---and they're having a Christmas Fair. You gotta check it out. It's very cute!