Originally posted August 12th, 2006

Leo 18 (2003)---That thing he's holding is a bridle

Happy Friday, everybody! More progress on the book today. The last page finally rolled out just minutes ago. I know it's the last page, because I'm now all out of my ultra-precious $5/sheet discontinued-by-the-manufacturer paper. I only hope that Alice won't need any sort of backup replacement pages as she's doing the binding. Yeesh! Talk about your limited edition.

Now it's time to back up some data. The folder for this project currently measures 41.14GB. Adding noise to a 1200dpi RGB gradation really eats up memory, but boy, does it ever improve the printouts.

Next, I've got a few small paying jobs to finish up---an invitation for a gallery opening, titles for the new Tarsem film---but the next real big project will be the lion drawing for my dad's 60th birthday next Sunday.

Let me explain: My dad's a Leo, so I draw him as a lion for his birthday. Seemed like a fine idea when I did the first one for his 40th birthday in 1986. He loved it and wanted more. Every year I'd find another one of his hobbies or habits to immortalize. It's the one time every year that I break out the Prismacolor pencils. This year, we're on to Leo 20 and I keep telling my dad "You have to pick up a new hobby. Otherwise I won't know what to draw." He's not cooperating, really, but I have a thought what to do.

The FedEx deadline to get the thing to Germany in time will be Wednesday at 5.45pm, so I'll probably be starting the thing Wednesday around noon. But I hope not. I'm working on getting my procrastination under control. I'll let you know how that goes. Until then, have a great weekend. And remember: 344 LOVES YOU