Originally posted August 10th, 2006

As the final pages of my new book are inching their way out of my printer, I've received an excellent gift from my friend Russell in Britain. He and his young son Arthur read through a PDF of the book page by page and taped the whole thing. This is the second time they've done this for me and Arthur's inspired interaction with the material has made the result so much better.

It's a real kick to be a fly on the wall. I never get this kind of perspective on my own work. Usually I'm not in the room when people look at the stuff. And when I am it skews the result, of course. So to listen in from afar was just brilliant. Especially since it all happened with an English accent.

Russell and I used to work together at Wieden & Kennedy years ago and he's very recently become a 344 client. We raised a squid army together. Check it out on his excellent blog we're as disappointed as you are - thoughts of an account planner

That's the scoop for tonight. More will be revealed in short order. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a few of the squid business card designs. Good night from California. And remember: 344 LOVES YOU