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Good morning. Happy Thursday! I've always liked Thursdays. Enough of the week has passed for things to be in serious motion, the weekend is nigh, but there is still time to get things done. And, of course, there is also enough time left to procrastinate a bit:


Monster 192 is all cued up for you already:

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192 looks tense --- ready for the spotlight, certainly, but also apprehensive. I suppose there are many ways to be in the spotlight. Is 192 a performer? A musician? Is he going to a ball? Or a wedding? Or a bar mitzvah? Or is this his work uniform for a glamour-free job? What do you think has 192 gritting his considerable teeth? I hope you'll take a minute to...


I'm looking forward to reading your stories.
For now, I hope you'll have a great day.
I hope you know that 344 LOVES YOU