Good morning. How are things on your end? Going well, I hope! We are, of course, in overtime on the Month of Daily Monsters, and nearing the end of that, as my monster mural trip to Seward, Nebraska approaches. There will be one more monster today, and a double shot tomorrow. After that there'll be mural action, the Monster book launch party, and whatever we can cook up on the new Flickr group --- until April 1st, when there'll be one more month of Daily Monsters. We'll have fun!

Right now, more brilliant stories are waiting for you right here:


It feels like you're just getting warmed up on the stories, so I'm truly bummed that I can't give you new creatures every day to write to for the next month. So many of you have only recently joined the site that I hope you'll use the temporary lull of new monsters to explore some of the creatures that have gathered here over the past months. Some of them still need stories, too.

But today there still is a brand new monster, of course!
It's an odd one, and it definitely needs a story!

What is happening with 166? Did he want cheekbone implants, but get plungers instead? Or are we looking at a cunning evolutionary adaptation? And why, out of all the monsters, is this the very first one to wear (or perhaps reveal) socks? I'm not even going to ask about the teeth. But I'm dying to hear what you think made 166 into the odd creature we see before us today. If you can find the time, I hope you'll...


I hope you'll have a lovely 4th of March.
Thank you for coming to visit the monsters.
How you treat your monsters says a lot about you.
And it's just one more reason why 344 LOVES YOU