Good morning. How are you? Now that the lovely people at the Very Short List have brazenly mentioned the monsters in the same paragraph as Francisco Goya (!!!) I don't know if the poor little inky beasts can fit through the door anymore, what with their grotesquely swollen heads. Add to that the fact that Natalia Ilyin wrote a very, very kind review of the book for the March issue of Communication Arts that puts Moomintroll into the mix... well, the monsters may inflate to the point of sudden joy explosion. Goodness! (Not that I'm complaining, of course. I didn't say stop! :^)

Besides, the drawings aren't where the action is. The action is in your stories, and there's lots of it. You knocked 'em out of the park again yesterday. Please take a look:


Mind you, Monster 162 appears entirely unfazed by all the happy attention:

In fact, 162 looks a bit bedraggled. Glum. Possibly dazed. Is it because of where it's coming from? Or because of where it's going? Dark rings around the eyes can't be a good sign, can they? Or is it simply that it's Friday? What's going on here? do you care to speculate? I really hope you will! Because I know that it'll be good! If you can, please...


Lastly, if you have a full hour at noon PST, you can catch me chatting with Debbie Millman on her design matters program by clicking here. An archived version of the show will go online shortly thereafter, and I'll post a link to it, but if you catch the live broadcast you can call in with questions.)

It's Friday the 29th of February. We won't see another until 2012.
It's a day out of time. Whatever you eat today... no calories.
I didn't make the rules, I'm just telling you. I hope you'll mark
the occasion with great food and in fine company, safe in the
knowledge that 344 LOVES YOU


P.S. Today is, of course, the final day of February and with that comes the end of my promised month-long return to my monster-a-day rhythm. Next Wednesday I'm off to paint a monster mural in Seward, Nebraska, so there'll be a brief interruption in service. Until then I hope you won't mind that I'll keep posting a few more Daily Monsters for you. We're having so much fun. Why stop until we have to? 163 will be waiting for you right here tomorrow morning.