Good morning. How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the Oscars last night? They make an appearance in the groovy-glam stories that came in for the weekend monsters 156 and 157. Take a look:



Are you ready to start the week with Monster 158?

What's happening here, do you think? Is 158 flying away from something in horror? Or towards something to cause horror? How big is 158, anyway? Tiny? Gigantic? Is it a fast beast? Or a slow one? If you can spare a few minutes of the day (or you need a good excuse to procrastinate for a little while longer), please...


In other news, the new issue of WIRED hit the newsstands
over the weekend, and look what's on page 74:


Isn't that excellent? A big, big Thanks to Hugh Hart for being a friend to the monsters, and also to the Wired art department for making the monsters look great in this month's playlist, and --- BONUS --- in the table of contents, where Monster 95 is Waylon Smithers adjacent! I'm so excited!


The lead article in this month's issue is on the potential and the realities of the Free Economy. In keeping with that theme, they're giving away free copies of this issue to the first 10,000 comers at this link. So order one for yourself, or have them send one to a friend. (I looked through the rules and regulations and it's not a subscription thing. Provided that you live in the U.S. they'll simply send you one free issue -- with monsters in it. :^)

Right now it's time for me to do a little more work and then hit the hay, but whether I'm asleep or awake, you can bet your bottom dollar that 344 LOVES YOU