Good morning. How's the week treating you so far? I hope the onset of fall sees you nice and cozy. My thanks to all of you who came to see me at the AIGA Conference in Denver on Friday. I had a great time meeting you.

Now that I'm back in the office, and I'm done designing the Monster Book, I've moved on to designing... more of the Monster Book. One of the DVD extras is a PDF with a log of the entire Daily Monster blog for the 100 Daily Monster period. The book proper has just shy of 50,000 words. This PDF has almost 120,000. Even I am not crazy enough to kern the whole thing, but just the basic formatting takes time, and I am doing a bit of triage ragging to avoid the really nasty widows. Of course, every time I forget to take out a story that doesn't come with a release form, all the page breaks change and I have to go through it again. It's a bear.

So it's been a nice change of pace to make a new Weekly Monster for you. I hope you'll like it.

I hope you'll tell me what this jolly fellow's story is. Clearly something mysterious is happening to him at the end there. I know you've already got an idea what it is, so please...


For now, I must get back to work. Open Source Monsters are coming up shortly! I promise.In the meantime, I hope you'll have a fun Wednesday (if such a thing exists.) You know that 344 LOVES YOU

P.S.: As you may have noticed, you can now record some monster sounds on the right there. Here is a great example of a sound for Monster 117, courtesy of iconsiderhelobster, who has this to say: "It's the sound of his wings, in really, really slow motion." Check it out: