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Good morning. Thank you for paying a visit to the monsters on a Sunday. I hope the weekend is going your way so far. Please check out yesteday's stories. My little trip into R. Crumb territory has inspired two of our regular contributors to write song lyrics. If only we had anybody who makes music... I'm looking at you, Richard and transient. Please check it out:


Monster 93 is deep in thought. Or heavily medicated. It's hard to tell from here. But the spangly pants make one wonder if we're dealing with a rock'n'roll situation. Horse tranquilizers, anybody? But I may have this entirely wrong. What do you think this one's story is?


Have an excellent Sunday. Get some rest,
so you'll be in top shape for the final week of monsters.
7 more creatures are waiting for you and they'll need
your very best stories! Let's go out in style!

That tingling in your frontal lobes
means that 344 LOVES YOU