DAILY MONSTER 86 (of 100)

DAILY MONSTER 85 (of 100)

Good morning. Will you look at that! Where did this weekend come from? The week was a sleepless blur, and here it's Saturday again! Crazy! I hope you had a good week and that the weekend will bring you some quality R&R. If you can, please take the time to read yesterday's monster stories. We got some great ones from our regular correspondents and some fine magic from a few first-time contributors:


Monster 85 has something to hide. Someone, actually. You'll have to take a look. What do you think is going on here? Who is this mystery passenger? Why would 85 carry somebody around like that? And why would he scram so quickly once that person disembarked? What is going on here? If you have a theory---and I know you do---I'd love to hear it:


As you can see, we have only 15 more monsters left, so I hope you'll seize your chance to put your stories into the mix as we build to a monster crescendo on Sunday, February 25th. Until then (and even after) you can be damn sure that 344 LOVES YOU